Military Close Combat



Military Close Combat (Hand to Hand Combat)

The Military Close Combat is the most ancient know fighting form. Majority of cultures have the peculiar stories linked to Close Combat and their own practice methods. Military organizations have always taught a kind of bare handed fight for conditioning as an adding to armed fighting. Soldiers have been trained bare handed fight (H2H Combat) since the Zhou dynasty (1022 before JC to 256 after JC), equally at the time of the Persian, Hittits warriors, Scythes warriors or the fearsome Samnites warriors from southern Italy (Regionne Basilacata, former lucanie) how where trained equipped offensively and defensively as well, to suffer any shocks and H2H fight and guerrilla and ambush tactics. The Samnites had the reputation to be strong warriors, tough, smart and with moral hard to destroy and how had understood since a long time the necessity of H2H Combat And the vital points, that which leads naturally to the logic and the reality of Military Close Combat. Nobody can’t not claim, the paternity of the Military Close Combat from today and yesterdays. In the practice, such Military systems are the result of several hundred instructors and personals dedicated, know and unknown, which have load to Military Close Combat to evolve and to become so fearsome. Military Close Combat it’s fight between to persons or more whit or without weapons, with lethal weapons like bayonette, knives, machete, hand weapon, assault rifles, stick, or other projectile weapons used to physical contact and destruction of the other. One part of Close Combat will evolve equally to the principle of hand gun disarming. These systems, techniques and tactics will be useful to soldiers evolved in the H2H fight. The mastering of the other and his elimination are the fundamental elements of Military Close Combat.

The Close Combat doctrine focuses on stamina, obstinacy and adaptation capacity. Involved the combat techniques, survival in any kind of situation, hardening body and mind but equally the capacity to foresee danger, to analyze it and mater it. So, the Military or the Close Combat practitioner must be able to adapt himself (flexible mind) and not to be tied to fixed and rigid about the system. Developed to eliminate fear, pity, mind scruples during the combat, developed to be effective in the ground and standing up and in any kind of field (hard, sand, forest), in the water and in all open area in combat zone, developed to optimize reflex moves (during the combat) that the human body produce during the most commons stress attitude, with all of this data the Close Combat is a very aggressive combat system with a purely offensive state of mind in his using with only purpose, the destruction and elimination of the enemy in front of you.

To learn to kill (or to hurt very badly) somebody how wants to kill you or to hurt you. The teaching of Close Combat requires a lot of investment and self mastering, included Military techniques with the necessity of an instruction by military instructor or with a civilian with a lot of experience in Close Combat obtained with a Military instructor. Take the time to control definitively or partially a threat requires a lot of aptitude, control and will. The gentleness is not part of Military Close Combat basic, doubt and scruple must be replaced by a will of attack and defense if it’s seems more logical to adopt this attitude to reach your goals. Work on emotions and moral force are a complete part of a good close Combat formation and do not leave any doubt on the finality of the engaged action.

The proportional responses principles to an attack, are not part of the teaching rules of Military Close Combat because its first nature is to eliminate the threat. The proportionality motion, suggest your submissions even your own elimination by the other (to undergo before to make undergo) which seems inappropriate with the concept and the fundamentals logical of Military Close Combat. You are threatened by a weapon (knife, handgun, and so on), you take a bullet in your head and only after you have to respond in a proportional way?? I think I have some problem to respond with a bullet in my head. Not you? Persons how use the Close Combat label and claim it is necessary to take in to account the response proportionality during an attack can’t pretend to a correct teaching of Close Combat because the Close Combat has no rules so no proportion in its application during a combat. I think it is probably a good idea to shoot before and talk after. Not you? You are thrown on the ground or one spit on you or you are victim of a knife attack the way is the same: your physical integrity is in danger. A strong response is necessary an must make understand fastly the mistake down by your aggressor during this attempt to your integrity. The necessity to make him understand not to doing again, becomes your only goal, leaving no doubt on the finality of your engagement.

The rules of Military Close Combat are very simple:
There is only one logic and definition to this Combat system.

Military Combat system of personal engagement to H2H with a simple ways as the human body, mind logic can produce (injury attack, elimination techniques, natural weapons found around you, blade weapons) during a conflict in urban zone or natural area. By nature, Military Close Combat being taught in Military environment. With all these points, the logical is very simple.


The master words of Close Combat are:

-To improvise
-To adapt
-To dominate

1 Improvise
(To control himself and to analyze the space and the environment to attack or respond).

2 Adapt
(To use this space and this environment to attack or respond).

3 Dominate
(To crush, to eliminate the danger with all of this data).


The Military Close Combat is a complete work.

Standing up combat with disabling techniques: (feet, fist, keys techniques, broken bones, throat crash, and so on).
Ground fighting with these same techniques: (feet, fist, keys techniques, broken bones, throat crash, and so on).
Combat with a various weapons: (knife, stick, brick, wood, pain, chair, and any kind of materials supposed to hurt and eliminate the danger).
About the use of these weapons: (use weapon is not a coward business there are just a way to reach fastly your goals and to have this attitude is smart and is part of Military Close Combat.

We found in Military Close Combat different system which will remind the Military instructors taken the times to analyze and to organize a combat system in which we shall find several principles and combat system put together will give a way to respond during a combat in many axis and several ways, without loosing time. The study of the Military instructors allow to superimpose the efficiencies of all of this principles and systems and try to keep the most use full data’s which will allow a fast control and the danger elimination in the same logic.

In mixing these combat techniques and to cuts between these different systems, we finish to isolate “the common denominators”. It is the reorganization, the superimposition of these denominators which allow to obtain the techniques. The only objective is the mastering that allow to improvise naturally these techniques, in instinctive way directly and adapted to combat, and even in a very chaotic environment.


The practice of these combat system is a total work on all the axis of the human body. Different sections during the training that allow you to evolve in strong, hard, efficiency and entire system.


1 The mental work: The most difficult

In an absolute way you must dissociate the body and the mind. The human body is a fantastic machine with a lot of adaptation capacities, but it has limit that it create itself (like safety valve) and it is at this moment you must work to evolve and to pass from physical to mental. With these possibilities, you will succeed to past above your fears, above your tired, your pain if there is one, because a most part of the pains is a held by psychology of the thing (warning this one hurts, warning this one bites,…). To succeed in dissociating these two things, will give you more possibilities, more hardness, more chance to carry on where you never be able to increase you capacity. To test your capacity to control these little things with a simple tests will give you the opportunity to understand that often our own body sometime give us false information’s: hurt you on a specific point of your body and your logic will take over, the reaction will be very simple, you will have pain and during the same act, make pain another time in another part of your body and there the magic will operate. The first pain will disappear to give its place to the second. Without control of you knowledge, your body has mistaken you and so your head. With these information’s, you will understand that you can evolve and increase your own capacity face to pain. When your body says you no, your head take the control and says you carry on.


2 The pain during the training: Constant and Vicious

To each training time you must be smashed and the pain will be constant, all over your body become more and more hard to stand and it is at this moment that you come back to the control of your body and your mind. The sole thing that will comfort you will be to smash your instructors like he has smashed you. A good Close Combat instructor gives one hundred times and takes one thousand times. Forget all protection gear that slow your progression. Only gloves and helmet, but nothing else.


3 Lethal weapons or not: all conventional weapons or not conventional

In Close Combat, everything can be use. The use of object as an attack weapon, has only limit just the imagination of the one how uses this weapon. Learn to manipulate, to work with a firearm, a pain or any kind object is down with a same rigor to eliminate the enemy. This weapon becomes a part of your body, not an object but really the prolongation of your body. The work will be down with your right and left hands. It is important to be able to work with your right and left side. Example of weapons: A pain to burst the eyes, the ears or to introduce in the nose, A key for the same use, a brick or stone to crash the head or to break the bones or the fingers, A belt to make a strangulation, a meal plate or glass which once it is broken will be use to cut to disfigure and eliminate the enemy and the a kind of others object… Then the traditional weapons as: handgun, knife, stick, machine gun and so on. The principle of the use of accessory as weapon or object in Close Combat is complete and regular if it is necessary to uses these weapons to eliminate the enemy.


4 All the axis of the body with a ground fighting

In the practice of Close Combat, it is important to imagine all the possible scenes and even those which seem silly, because the danger is everywhere and can have any face. In Close Combat, you break, you throw, you it, you work with your legs, with your fist, your head, your elbows, your knees, you bite, we work on the ground and your body becomes a weapon of which the only purpose, ELIMINATE. There are several techniques (keys and other locked principles, there is soil with a same data and also beast and animal attitude because when the combat come this is what we become (an animal). The Close Combat reflects our most low instincts and allows us to crush and to cancel the other with the consideration of a predator. Nothing more and nothing less.

The Close Combat is not specifically feminine or masculine but it is plural and everybody is at the same level of equality. To think that women are inferior and less efficient is a masculine heresy and to put women in a category or to limit the combat work between man and women is a bad calculation. How has said the woman had less potential than a man? I do not remember this, for the simple reason that it is a big fucking idea propagated by some silly fucking asshole that have only big, the peanuts which replaces their brain. History, present and probably future, will show us that woman is a pillar like the man. The only difference is physical on two points. The first one the sex of the women that like the women are women (for the fucking with a peanuts). The second one, the morphology linked to physical strength that the women have replace by an iron will. History remind us that the women having move some mountain, for instance: Joan of Arc, the Abesses with Hildegarde de Bingen and the Queen Margot just as bloody as Vlad Tepess. With this simple idea of equality, it is necessary during the practice of Close Combat, to put women and man in the same place and to smash the women like you will do it for the man. No pity, no scruples and forget the fucking idea of a women with a pink dress that give you her arms and to think more to a bitch, a bitch with military boots how is going to smash your fucking face and to make you eat your teeth if she has the occasion to do it.


To Conclude

Close Combat is an attack system.
In civilian life it’s adaptation will be down in a counter movement for data recuperation to finish on control rater than an attack.
Close Combat need a lot of work and mastering.
It is Military by an for militaries but opened to everybody if will respect it’s first nature (ELIMINATE).
It is complete (all axis).
The evolution is permanently.
It will wake up your instinct (what a pleasure to control some one).
It will be your allied (it will make you stronger and quieter and will allow you to be on alert because danger is everywhere).
These systems evolve all the time because Military Close Combat is not a closed system.


Instructor view

Teaching in civilian must remain faithful to first principles of Close Combat and should not be changed in favor of self defense where any other combat sport, under the title Close Combat, which would allow interested parties (teacher without capital in Close Combat), to the figure and the data that distort and mislead taught, simply, participants in these courses. If you practice the Close Combat, you learn to eliminate your enemy and be aggressive in your actions in combat and not defensive. Defense work is part of the curriculum of Close Combat, but it is secondary face to the offensive work. If you practice the Close Combat, you do not wear any other dress or kimono style martial. You turned out to be military-style gear and accessories with conventional military, your outfit is used daily in civilian life. If you practice the Close Combat, you have no belt, no rank or Dan, as any teacher or Sensei, there are only instructors and levels acquired after many years of practice and require regular updating.

Personally, having 200 students or not in my classes, It's not my priority. I leave that to the teacher who want it to make money with the help of fashion and especially the ignorance of many people about Military Close Combat. I prefer to spend 1 or 2 good students man or woman who will turn into real fighters and will transmit the logic of Close Combat is very simple to understand: (ELIMINATE THE ENEMY).

In combat, it is men and women who make the difference, the fastest, the most aggressive, most determined, most brutal with the least pity, sometimes with a little luck and especially with his survival instinct, is this one who will take control, and this is the one that will eliminate the other. Believe that it we have the best way to control, leading us on the road to defeat. Stay humble, respectful and always work to keep a proper level in the system that we practice and with an open mind on what surrounds us.
There are systems and people.
There is no reason that one would question your human and technical capacity on the grounds that you have no certificate or recognition.
Remember that no one needs a black belt where a degree to get intact out of a fight. However, are useful during an attack can save your life (not the color belt). Note on the belt which is not meant in any way disrespectful to the many martial artists who are on the old curriculum. When the diplomas in hand wipe her ass with it, I do not see too!

There is no federation in Europe or in the world, there are only associations, clubs and private institutes. There is no universal diploma and no civilian agency can not provide or grant such degrees. Recall that the Close Combat is made and for military. The only documents can be issued with a duration of approvals in the time required to retake courses to update global and, in a house, each entity bringing to issue such approval. The Close Combat is not a given acquired by anyone, it is a combat system that evolves, continues in military circles and or civil and in the case of civil, with a learning and follow up with people with a military background where a luggage learned from military personnel.

There are some very good international and independent structures. The diplomas are not men are the men who make them. And if the criticism is easy, the work itself is much harder

Don't forget:

« Exact science does not exist »
Embody what you teach and only what you embody!!

Raffaelli Snackers (May 2006)


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