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Firearms - Handgun

Firearms are part of the teaching of Military Close Combat, practice and use thereof must be done very regularly.
The handgun is the primary weapon of most holders of firearm. This handgun is the weapon that remains one of the most difficult to master in close combat due to the proximity of those who hold it and its size (easy concealment, use fast remote and nearby), so Legionnary Institute much work to achieve a high degree of control, recovery of this specific type of weapon.

Experience has taught us that actual practice and handling of these weapons (shooting, editing, removing, etc..) Should remain mandatory, replace this with real practical use for toy gun or rubber is not good alternative (it can only have a template in hand).

Intensive training with real handgun or any other type of weapon (assault rifle, shotgun, etc.). Is paramount, the frequent practice, familiarity with these weapons is necessary to understand the functioning and controlled properly in shooting as disarmament.
The topics covered on weapons and their use in combat (melee in which firing) must be complete concerning.

Weapons and equipment selection, introduction to ballistics, the principles of tactical shooting, balancing speed and accuracy, the dynamics of arms fire, the creation of scenarios of shoot / no shoot in hand combat, the use of lethal force by using these weapons, the use of these weapons with low light, night shooting and also the development of personal training.

Legionnary Institute doing feasibility tests on different types of weapons and different types of disarmament, by filming the release of the wedge at the exit of the gun in different weapons and depending on the type of perpetrator, stress the aggressor, position and distance of the weapon on the person and also threatened the environment, to determine the time required for the disarmament action.

During training with weapons, instructors who included these principles, should seriously consider putting in place programs to use firearms with real hardware to include, as end of the barrel, it is killed and one tries to disarm will be granted in case of danger or threat with a weapon. Work on the cutting edge weapons (knife) will also be working with the same rigor.

The weapons are as cold as death. Ponder this information!

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« Exact science does not exist»
Embody what you teach and only teach what you embody !!!

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